modern art

January 24, 2014

While I love, LOVE the history of architecture and art of Florence it is a bit of a rare site to see modern art.  Meet Clet.  Out from obscurity, Clet has claimed ownership of what some call "street art".  He has reworked a number of street signs throughout Florence to call to attention "man's oppression"  and has transformed these signs into whimsical yet poignant statements of our times.  In the days without wealthy patrons or churches commissioning art, Clet has found a strong voice and vision for his art.  The sculpture he placed on the Ponte alle Grazie was removed by authorities after one week and Clet was fined.  He told me his response was to reintall the sculpture. Personally, I thought his sculpture was a refreshing change from the heavy static sculpture found throughout Florence. The statue while inanimate flows and conveys movement, just like the Arno river that flows right below that next step.

Surely, there is enough space in Florence to hold reverence for the past and to make room for new art to document our ongoing human experience.


 Visit Clet at his shop, via dell'olmo, 8 Florence Italy

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